Legendary Air Jordan Shoes Launch Nike’s Business

By | August 11, 2019

 Legendary Air Jordan Shoes Launch Nike's Business

Michael Jordan is a legend and it applies not only to nicks in NBA statistics. Jordan is also a legend in many ways and Air Jordan is one proof of the appropriateness of the status of the legend that is in him.

If Jordan is a legend that has succeeded in changing the face of the NBA from just watching the citizens of the United States to become more global, then Air Jordan is breaking the conventional regulations in the NBA. Air Jordan is also the originator of the popularity of basketball shoes in the world.

Legendary Air Jordan Shoes Launch Nike’s Business

Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Larry Bird, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar may have been asked as rulers of the NBA before Jordan. Their scores are high, their play style is amazing, and they have a vital position in each team.

But rather all use white shoes in every game they play. But it deserves the rules that exist in the NBA.

Then Jordan came

At that time he was a phenomenal rookie that was discussed by many people and had just won the 1984 Olympic gold medal. But he was still a ‘baby onion’ when compared with the names above.

Instead, the ‘baby onion’ that dared to appear in his first season in the NBA by wearing red and black shoes. He carried out the offense, but in the same time all the shoes he was wearing were named Air Jordan I.

The Nike bet with Jordan

Nike itself ran an extraordinary gamble when they signed Jordan in its inaugural season as an NBA player. If sports stars usually get exclusive contracts when they have incised phenomenal achievements, then this is not the case with Jordan.

Jordan was signed by Nike when adidas competitors did not yet know how well Jordan could survive in the NBA competition. Nike gave all of Jordan’s expectations and the collaboration was formed.

Jordan and his colored shoes were then threatened with punishment by David Stern, NBA Commissioner. Unmitigated, there is a threat worth 5,000 US dollars in each incident Jordan wearing shoes worth 65 US dollars.

Nike is not afraid. Nike insisted that they were ready to pay for all the consequences. Jordan is quiet because the company is ready to pay.

Become a Phenomenal Shoe

The colored shoes that were threatened even then became phenomenal and became the talk of many people. The shoes were actually later sold out in the market and sold well hunted by many people.

Bright, not just because of breaking regulations, Air Jordan I actually boomed because Jordan successfully underwent his debut season with a resounding. A record 28.2 score per race makes it immediately an important component of the Chicago Bulls.

Rookie status of the year he even got success. The colored shoes seemed to accept the feasibility to break regulations because the user proved to have great potential to explode as a new NBA star.

From Air Jordan I, the phenomenon of Jordan and also Air Jordan after that cannot be stopped anymore. Air Jordan enthusiasts increasingly booming and the price is increasingly high even ignored.

The whole thing is bright because Jordan is also more successful in his career. Jordan’s greatness in the field combined with Nike’s marketing foresight has made the Air Jordan series of shoes awaited every year.

For this reason, each series is then connected by Jordan’s special events.

For example, Air Jordan IV is identical to ‘The Shot,’ shot by Jordan in a deciding game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Jordan looked as if it had stopped in the air as he jumped up and fired it.

There is also Air Jordan VI which is identical to Jordan’s first winning ring, and Air Jordan VII which is identical to ‘The Dream Team’ at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. There is still Air Jordan X which is identical to Jordan’s come back to the NBA, and Air Jordan XXII which is identical with ‘flu game,’ a match where Jordan has the flu but looks great and scores 38 scores in the 1997 NBA Finals.

In essence, each Air Jordan series is always accompanied by great stories behind it. That is what makes the selling points of the Air Jordan series even higher among basketball fans.

So great is the charm of Jordan and Air Jordan, even when Jordan has determined to no longer play basketball in 2003, Air Jordan series consistently produced. It’s a good new series or ‘recycle’ series from the previous series. Everything sells well. The Jordan series itself has continued until the 2014 Air Jordan XX9 series.

As quoted from NBC Sports, Nike currently dominates nearly 95 percent of the basketball shoe market. And of that number, Air Jordan controls the largest portion.

“As Jordan told me, events are everything,” said Roland Lazenby, one of the authors of the book about Michael Jordan, as quoted by NBC Sports.

“He (Jordan) came when Nike who was trying to survive in a business competition tried to run a big bet on him. Nike offered a large number to players who had never played in the NBA even once,” Lazenby continued.

Nike did bet big and they won it. Jordan instead pays Nike’s trust and now both parties continue to feel the results of their collaboration even though Jordan is no longer running on the field.

Nike Is Not Jordan’s First Love

Nike and Jordan don’t work together like that. It took a lot of effort from Nike to be able to tie Jordan. I’m all because Nike is not Jordan’s first love.

“You have no weight at all to carry out discussions with them. After trying to do what you can do to make me work the same as Adidas,” Jordan told David Falk, Jordan’s agent as quoted by ESPN.

Jordan did want to collaborate with Adidas but the brand did not give him a serious offer.

But that Jordan had diplomacy with Converse, the shoes he used when competing at the NCAA. But at that time Converse had tied Bird and Magic as their ambassadors.

But the negotiations did not produce good results after Converse failed to convince Jordan regarding their future agenda.

Then the end Jordan instead stepped to meet with Nike where he was welcomed by Rob Strasser, Peter Moore, Howard White, and Sonnt Vaccaro.

I was initially lazy, Nike managed to make Jordan impressed with Nike’s agenda. Jordan then mentions some of the scores why he doesn’t like the characteristics of Nike basketball shoes.

“You can make it what you want,” Moore said, trying to convince Jordan.

Jordan is getting heavier, instead he goes back around Nike’s office where he presents other big agendas. Jordan told the agent that he agreed to collaborate with Nike.

The contract of 500 thousand US dollars per year is paid in cash by Nike for the duration of the five-year contract. That is, Nike immediately gave Jordan 2.5 million US dollars or almost any amount of their marketing tariffs. Fantastic amount at that time, especially for a new player who will make his debut.

But such things are increasingly phenomenal considering that Nike was suffering losses. In their 1984 financial statements, they were voiced losing money for the first time since it was first established.

When they are losing money, they actually dare to run big gambling. Spending 2.5 million US dollars is certainly not an easy matter.

But now, Nike can smile. Because the investment of 500 thousand US dollars per year at the beginning of Jordan’s career became very small compared to the raups of US dollars they found so far with Jordan and Air Jordan.